There seems to be little consensus on what should be done about the multiple humanitarian crises in the Sudan and the endless cycle of violence, the injustice, and of course the impunity of its government. The deeper I get into the subject, the more time I spend in Sudan, the more difficult it is to focus the camera lens in just one direction. “Take your time, and tell the WHOLE story”, was the advice I got from Million Voices for Darfur founder Reverend Dr. Gloria White-Hammond. I’ve taken her advice as my charge, somewhat unwittingly I admit. Each shoot in Sudan brings up the unexpected, the surprising, and the disappointing. Turn of events are sudden, politics are complex. Very little is quite as it seems to be, other than the unspeakable suffering, and the abuse and corruption by those in power apparently on every level. Yet there is tremendous spirit and perseverance by so many of the Sudanese I’ve met, and the aid organizations’ staff of course as well. And so this project has taken its own direction.

I intend to return to Sudan. There are a group of women I’d like to film whose story embodies the story of Sudan in all its complexity and richness, in all its violence and tragedy, whose life and role in their society, in sub-Saharan life, is centuries-old. These women’s story is one of victim and perpetrator both. It is a story that encapsulates all the forces at play that are moving ever closer to a convergence that will prove to be the country’s making or its undoing.