Special Thanks

Matt Tyler

Matthew Tyler is currently an MFA candidate in film at Columbia University. A gifted filmmaker and screenwriter, Matt’s help on this project has been invaluable to me, not only for his skills and creative input as an editor, but for all his insight and support through-out.

Francois Chevresson-Aubain
co-producer and content editor

Francois also put this website together. He’s become an integral part of the process in the making and content-editing of this documentary post-production.

Steve Milligan

shot the Samantha Power interview.

Eaven Aiken

shot the Jan Pronk interview.

Michelle Faucher
lent me her camera to shoot this project.

Stephen Ross

taught me how to shoot.

Jerry Risius and Anthony Rossi
both seasoned cinematographers who shoot in conflict zones in very difficult conditions, gave me invaluable advice and guidance on how to shoot in a place like Sudan and the specific kind of equipment I would need.