“Peace is Indivisible”

“Peace is Indivisible”
Jan Pronk, June, 2006: “persona non grata” – Pronk was the UN’s Special Representative to Sudan from 2004 to 2006. The Government of Sudan expelled Pronk after he criticized Khartoum’s leaders “for violations of international agreements and human rights”.

Peter Aduok Nyaba, PhD, former rebel in Southern Sudan’s Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA/M).

Reverend Gloria White Hammond, MD, activist, humanitarian, founder of “A Million Voices for Darfur”. Hammond also co-founded “My Sister’s Keeper”, which helps to provide women and girls in war-torn Sudan with education, healthcare and economic development.

Modus Operandi – the Government of Sudan’s MO is to use proxy militia to do much of its fighting, to carry-out the killing of civilians, combined with air power from its air force, which drops bombs on villages.

Divide and Conquer – Khartoum has also been very affective in creating animosity between the many ethnic groups in Sudan. During the North-South conflict, the Government of Sudan recruited Darfuris to fight the war in South Sudan and commit the same kind of atrocities there as we see being committed in Darfur today.

Despite this dark history between Darfuris and Southerners, the Government of South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir, is trying to help bring warring Darfuri rebel groups, who also fight one-another, to the negotiating table. There is speculation in some circles as to whether or not the Darfuri rebels and the Southern Sudanese may join together to fight their greater common enemy in Khartoum one day.