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Darfuri rebel leader

SLM Chairman Abdelwahid Mohammed Al-Nur

“We are not just black boys killing each other.” I interviewed Al-Nur in Rotterdam in 2006. He had won the International Community’s ire for not signing up to the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) earlier that year.

The DPA was short-lived though, vindicating Al-Nur. In this interview he explains why he refused to sign the DPA and speaks of the SLM’s goal – regime change in Khartoum. And in a stunning moment says if the ICC indicts him for war crimes committed by anyone under his command he will appear willingly before the world court.

Daniel Oduok

Commissioner of Tonga, a town east of Malakal where Simon Deng’s mother was originally from and where he partly grew-up.

MDM has a clinic in Tonga. I travelled up the Nile by boat with MDM to visit the clinic in Tonga. Commissioner Oduok had asked me to let him speak on-camera following an assassination attempt on a rival politician – Dr Lam Akol, the former Sudanese Foreign Minister. Akol accused Commissioner Oduok, along with Dr. Peter and Dr. Charles, of having been behind the assassination attempt that killed three of Akol’s security guards, including one uniformed officer from Khartoum.

Akol is believed to be loyal to Bashir. Indeed my colleague Badru Mulumba reported from Sudan that in the days following the ICC’s announcement that they had issued a warrant for Bashir’s arrest Akol was seen at Bashir’s side at a number of rallies that Bashir staged to show the world that he would not be intimidated.

William Oduok Deng

William Oduok Deng is the younger brother of the Sudanese-American anti-slavery activist Simon Deng.

William Oduok Deng is an SPLM official in Malakal.

He describes an attack on his village by GoS-backed militia in 2004. William Deng was also kidnapped and taken as a slave by Arabs when he was a child.

David Gressly

the UN’s Regional Coordinator for Southern Sudan.

Antoine Gryn

Coordinator for the French NGO Medecins Du Monde in Upper Nile State.